Sunday, April 18, 2010

I don't Know What Whuffies are but GDI (God Damn It) i want MORE!!!! MORE!!!!!

just yesterday, i found out that there was this thingy on the net called the whuffie bank, at first, i thought it to be something akin to a drug distribution website, but then i realized that i already had an account with them and all i had to do was login and see.
the annoying thing about this is the fact that i only have a whuffie salary of 30whuffies per month. WTH????
been checking around the net and cant really say i've found a way to increase my whuffies.

I f***ing want more WHUFFIES...... if you understand how it works, could you kindly give me Whuffies?
it just seems odd, looking at an account balance of sorts and have so little, it is not befitting of me.


powerblaze said...

tell me more about the whuffie thing. surprised i never heard of it.

justbones02 said...


Dark Neo said...

lol... who knows ... maybe you are the Bill Gates of the whuffie land.