Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The 17th of the 47th

twas a day unlike any other, the galtrons had just realized that their ansestors made a huge mistake crawling out of the oceans.

Now the galtrons had also just realized that they were the 4th smartest creatures on their little big planet, not only did their ego's plummet, their population went downhill because of the revoltion that was a certain outcome of the public learning that what they had just realized had been known by their government for over 71days.

The result of this drastic reduction in population was to be fully understood in the coming days because for some strange reason, the average IQ of the galtronian population more than doubled.

This now made the 2nd smartest creatures realize that they had now become the 3rd smartest. in an attempt to recreate the 'galtronian effect' their government ordered the execution of over a fifth of their population via a form of the famous earth game 'Russian Roullete'.

Unfortunately after the 'incident' they realized that they had slipped to being the fifth smartest on their planet. The lead scientist of the ones now called fifth was ordered to investigate the cause of the decline in intellect. This is not his story, rather this is the story of a kangaroo called Kang' Aroo...