Friday, May 7, 2010

Children and Sugar

I hereby start this post by saying this "do not give them sugar" and even better "do not give them coffee".

It is a good day when the wind blows, the temperature is not too harsh, the food tastes good, the internet works and the people under 8 do not exist. it is an odd day when the wind dont blow and the children are awake and they have had sugar.

anyway doesnt really matter. all i want to say is............... never mind.

Monday, April 19, 2010

What's Going On With BB's

Blackberries have infiltrated Nigeria........

Legends speak of a time-displaced Blackberry came into the country hidden in the backpack of an unsuspecting diplomat in the 1920's. upon entering the country, its first act of business was travel many many miles over treacherous hills and haunted swamps to finally arrive at 'The Forbidden Forest'.
It will be said that in the many years that followed, the forbidden forest became darker and blacker and darker with tales of a tree so dark in its darkness that those who partook of the tree's black berries were cursed and never able to leave the forbidden forest for they all fell into a catatonic state, speaking in riddles of the great 'BBM' and the 'Ubertweeter"..... they all died eventually but over time, from their bones the first of the pearls was found.
This white pearl that was still a blackberry gave those who touched it a choice, the good and white 'SMS' or the dark 'BBM'. There has been only one who was able to resist the call of the BBM and this was because he wore an armor made from the shells of blackberries past.
By the 1960's the evil that powered the black tree that sprouted berries had been depleted, and color slowly returned to The Forbidden Forest. it seemed like all was well until they year 2007 when the black tree suddenly revived and shot out blackberries into the wild open world.

While this new berries were not as evil as their ancestors, they still had substantial mind altering powers, attaching themselves to the youth with promises of ending loneliness.
As of the time of this post, the entire family of the writer has been infiltrated and the writer is the last one standing because he was cursed with the White Pearl. The writer seeks a way to ..............

Culled from the Journals of Breezinstein J. Scythe (MIA.2010)

Sunday, April 18, 2010

I don't Know What Whuffies are but GDI (God Damn It) i want MORE!!!! MORE!!!!!

just yesterday, i found out that there was this thingy on the net called the whuffie bank, at first, i thought it to be something akin to a drug distribution website, but then i realized that i already had an account with them and all i had to do was login and see.
the annoying thing about this is the fact that i only have a whuffie salary of 30whuffies per month. WTH????
been checking around the net and cant really say i've found a way to increase my whuffies.

I f***ing want more WHUFFIES...... if you understand how it works, could you kindly give me Whuffies?
it just seems odd, looking at an account balance of sorts and have so little, it is not befitting of me.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The 17th of the 47th

twas a day unlike any other, the galtrons had just realized that their ansestors made a huge mistake crawling out of the oceans.

Now the galtrons had also just realized that they were the 4th smartest creatures on their little big planet, not only did their ego's plummet, their population went downhill because of the revoltion that was a certain outcome of the public learning that what they had just realized had been known by their government for over 71days.

The result of this drastic reduction in population was to be fully understood in the coming days because for some strange reason, the average IQ of the galtronian population more than doubled.

This now made the 2nd smartest creatures realize that they had now become the 3rd smartest. in an attempt to recreate the 'galtronian effect' their government ordered the execution of over a fifth of their population via a form of the famous earth game 'Russian Roullete'.

Unfortunately after the 'incident' they realized that they had slipped to being the fifth smartest on their planet. The lead scientist of the ones now called fifth was ordered to investigate the cause of the decline in intellect. This is not his story, rather this is the story of a kangaroo called Kang' Aroo...