Friday, December 4, 2009

What is the First Order of Business?

When things start out with a BANG? you usually ask yourself 'what the hell is going on?' Right?

Well the answer doesnt really matter because it has nothing to do with this rant.
I was reading an article on 10things not to tweet about [] right? then i realized that if i actually followed the guide, i wouldn't have anything to tweet about basically.

I mean 1.> Three Days Ago, I had Pizza For Breakfast
2.> Facebookers that dont move over to twitter dont know what they are missing #fact
3.> During my last class, i was tweeting till my battery was almost dead and as i tweeted that i wanted the lecture to end, the lecturer ended the class..... i was like OMG!?!?!?! Tweeter's Good
4.>well we all know that Twitter is like MAD, there are tweets that make you go '7w1773r 15 RULZZ'
5.> actually the little exercise i do again is to go out for chicken and chips and i think its enough
6.> Wow just realized that i dont have a pet, i think i get iPets or something like that
7.> When the Levitating Bananas Leave the Sea, the Green tailed Monkeys shall learn how to Fly else the world return to sand
8.> Nevermind that
9.> Ignore that as well
10.> wouldn't mind more followers by the way

The End? well doesn't really matter does it?