Monday, September 28, 2009

Memories of a time yet to come

Thinking about what is and what isn't has not always been a hobby of mine, however thinking in itself is one of my favorite things to do.
Over the last few weeks, i have come to the realization that what we think isn't probably is, but just not yet or what we think isn't probably was and still is somewhere.

Anyway what i was think about is how grossly greedy humankind is. no matter what we have or achieve, it is never good enough. Although the effects of this can be good at times but the disadvantages are quite annoying and potentially disastrous. Take weapons for example, projectile weapons are never perfect and research is always going on to 'improve' them.

But i digress. the main subject is the realization of where mankind could be if 'we all just got along'.
First and foremost, the issues of world hunger could be solved by a partial redesign of the Northern African deserts (picture a large scale greenhouse-like structure & genetically engineered plants designed to thrive on the harsh desert soil and decompose to re-fertilize the soil)
Second is the issues of war could be solved by an amalgamation of religious beliefs and also increasing the tolerance levels of the world population.
Thirdly crime rates could be drastically reduced or even negated by rethinking the value/reward system and also the concept of wealth. This is because money in its current state is a misappropriation of value although it drives the economy, the average person is groomed from birth to try to achieve monetary success. What i am suggesting is that instead of striving for monetary success, people should strive for economic liberation.

This and many more thoughts coming from the unpredictable and unique person (ME)