Monday, March 16, 2009

A Poem From a self-proclaimed AWESOME Friend

U system corrupted by its own morality
a morality justified by sentimentalism
a sentimentalism that falsifies logic
fallacy caused by lack of understanding
is a corruption of power

U self righteous loophole in justice
a balancing force in need of balance
a facade of power
created by the strong arm of force
the fear of the quite certain consequential
in a free-for-al battle with a comon enemy
the perfectly indigenous conspircacy theory
with the ultimate defence - the name of the lord
soo. caution will be thrown to the wind
and voices will be heard
the cry of the frustrated
and the roar of the angry
the aggression of the wounded
all will assemble
and dawn shall come
for there is a limit
to what a man can take
before the veil is torn
and the ‘holics’ desecrated
and the maggots exposed
this is the prior aviodable
but present inevitable
and where a re my manners
Welcome..... this is HEBRON


Dark Neo said...

DAMN!!! this is really good. Yoda did you do this???

justbones02 said...

t'was dipsy