Friday, December 4, 2009

What is the First Order of Business?

When things start out with a BANG? you usually ask yourself 'what the hell is going on?' Right?

Well the answer doesnt really matter because it has nothing to do with this rant.
I was reading an article on 10things not to tweet about [] right? then i realized that if i actually followed the guide, i wouldn't have anything to tweet about basically.

I mean 1.> Three Days Ago, I had Pizza For Breakfast
2.> Facebookers that dont move over to twitter dont know what they are missing #fact
3.> During my last class, i was tweeting till my battery was almost dead and as i tweeted that i wanted the lecture to end, the lecturer ended the class..... i was like OMG!?!?!?! Tweeter's Good
4.>well we all know that Twitter is like MAD, there are tweets that make you go '7w1773r 15 RULZZ'
5.> actually the little exercise i do again is to go out for chicken and chips and i think its enough
6.> Wow just realized that i dont have a pet, i think i get iPets or something like that
7.> When the Levitating Bananas Leave the Sea, the Green tailed Monkeys shall learn how to Fly else the world return to sand
8.> Nevermind that
9.> Ignore that as well
10.> wouldn't mind more followers by the way

The End? well doesn't really matter does it?

Monday, November 30, 2009

Just Trying to Rant About Stuff

First and foremost, to my fans but anyways sorry for not posting often
..........................rant rant rant rant..............i've got nothing to rant about............which probably means that life is peachy. Right?.................well i dont think so.
What i think is that having nothing to rant about means that you are not satisfied with the current state of things in your life but you dont know what you are not satisfied about.
or that you've got some serious issues and you dont know bout them, or maybe something you thing is nothing is giving you a whole lot of grief.

Back to my Rant
rant rant rant rant rant rant rant rant..........oh yeah i found something to rant about.............
yeah i want to rant about combs.
first why the hell do combs break so easily? huh?
second why do the ones that dont break so easily hurt your head? like having metal tips or something?
third why is it that when you 'borrow' another person's comb, it usually breaks in your hair or something like that?

well i'll tell you why

because of money
everything is because of money
CEOs of combmaking companies are like 'if we make them too durable, they will only by one in a lifetime, meaning we will be competiting with the other guys for a limited number of customers'

anyway feels nice having something to rant about

Monday, September 28, 2009

Memories of a time yet to come

Thinking about what is and what isn't has not always been a hobby of mine, however thinking in itself is one of my favorite things to do.
Over the last few weeks, i have come to the realization that what we think isn't probably is, but just not yet or what we think isn't probably was and still is somewhere.

Anyway what i was think about is how grossly greedy humankind is. no matter what we have or achieve, it is never good enough. Although the effects of this can be good at times but the disadvantages are quite annoying and potentially disastrous. Take weapons for example, projectile weapons are never perfect and research is always going on to 'improve' them.

But i digress. the main subject is the realization of where mankind could be if 'we all just got along'.
First and foremost, the issues of world hunger could be solved by a partial redesign of the Northern African deserts (picture a large scale greenhouse-like structure & genetically engineered plants designed to thrive on the harsh desert soil and decompose to re-fertilize the soil)
Second is the issues of war could be solved by an amalgamation of religious beliefs and also increasing the tolerance levels of the world population.
Thirdly crime rates could be drastically reduced or even negated by rethinking the value/reward system and also the concept of wealth. This is because money in its current state is a misappropriation of value although it drives the economy, the average person is groomed from birth to try to achieve monetary success. What i am suggesting is that instead of striving for monetary success, people should strive for economic liberation.

This and many more thoughts coming from the unpredictable and unique person (ME)

Monday, March 16, 2009

Libero in the Dark

Here i stand
living in the dark
torn by my choice
seeing a way out
yet wallowing
my desire i know
what it requires,
i understand
yet my flesh
gets the better of me
and my will
does’nt seem strong enough
all i need
is a way out and though all
have given up on me
i know my importunate desire
will one day overcome....

The desire to see the true beauty
and the desire to dwell in that light
that i see from this endless darkness.

LIBERO (c)07

A Poem From a self-proclaimed AWESOME Friend

U system corrupted by its own morality
a morality justified by sentimentalism
a sentimentalism that falsifies logic
fallacy caused by lack of understanding
is a corruption of power

U self righteous loophole in justice
a balancing force in need of balance
a facade of power
created by the strong arm of force
the fear of the quite certain consequential
in a free-for-al battle with a comon enemy
the perfectly indigenous conspircacy theory
with the ultimate defence - the name of the lord
soo. caution will be thrown to the wind
and voices will be heard
the cry of the frustrated
and the roar of the angry
the aggression of the wounded
all will assemble
and dawn shall come
for there is a limit
to what a man can take
before the veil is torn
and the ‘holics’ desecrated
and the maggots exposed
this is the prior aviodable
but present inevitable
and where a re my manners
Welcome..... this is HEBRON