Thursday, September 4, 2008

Google Chrome

Just got the Google Chrome browser and so far it has exceeded my expectations.
Been using it since yesterday night and it hasn't crashed yet unlike the *nterne* *xplore* 8 beta and since it seems to be based on the mozilla engine, its quite light headed. But something i still dont get is the lack of plugins for example I am a big fan of the firefox add-on that blocks adverts i.e. Ad-block plus. But unfortunately i doubt that it will be added anytime soon because google is more or less a company that gets much of its money from adverts. anyway more about that later rather lets talk about it now. In Firefox like i mentioned before, i dont seem most adverts so i cant comment on it but in opera, it seems as though the bloody browser puts more priority to the adverts since they take a bloody long time to load while in internet explorer, it loads most of the adverts first before going on to the main web content.
Then in Chrome, the webpage loads first giving you the chance to see relevant information before the adverts start. 

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