Thursday, September 4, 2008

The Beginning of a new Jail term

    This is my first post on my blog and it's supposed to be about my return to school. For those in my country Nigeria, the school that is known as the lock-up or the Convent-nant university

Anyway i've been gone from school for like 7 months on my IT (Industrial Attachment) for those not familiar with the term IT, it is a period of time in which students of higher institutions are attach to any organization to gain work experience. Anyhow i started mine at the ECOWAS secretariat on the 4th of March if my memory serves me right and the first day was a-bit hectic but personally is thing it was irrelevant. Spent bout 2weeks then bailed for some random MAYA training organized by Massive Entertainment in Abuja.

Anyho. Got accepted at huawei technologies and it has been a blast. concluded my IT and ITF signings and stampings and happy but sad to be going to school


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